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Small Kids ATVs ($600)
Small Kids ATVs with Rack ($650)
PowerWheels Kids ATVs ($680)
Premium Sport Kids ATVs ($775)
Premium Youth Utility ATVs ($720)
PowerWheels Youth Utility ATVs ($699)
Sport 125cc Youth ATVs ($799)
Dozer Youth Utility ATVs ($820)
Upgraded Dozer Youth Utiltiy ATVs ($900)
Big 125cc Youth ATVs ($899)
Tank Youth Utility ATVs ($950)
Spider Youth Utility ATVs ($1020)
Nitro 125cc Youth Sport ATVs ($950)
150cc Nitro Sports ATVs ($1300)
Hummer 150cc Utility ATV ($1300)
Wide Body Hummer 150cc Utility ATVs ($1300)
Hummer 250cc Utility ATVs ($1400)
5.5 Hp Small Kids Go Karts ($1100)
110cc Kids Go Karts ($1200)
125cc Youth Go Karts ($1299)
Trail Boss 150cc Go Karts ($2200)
Predator 150cc Go Kart ($2400)
Dirt Demon 150cc Go karts ($2450)
Thunderbolt Youth UTV ($2849)
50cc Mini Dirt Bikes ($399)
70cc Youth Dirt Bikes ($599)
125cc Youth Dirt Bikes ($799)
Maddog 50cc Mopeds ($1699)
Campus Cruiser 49cc Mopeds ($799)
Streaker 49cc Mopeds ($950)
Retro Metro 49cc Moped ($900)
49cc Trike Mopeds ($1899)
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Q9 PowerSports

Q9 PowerSports, LLC has been in business since 2004 Specializing in the Sales and Service of Kids Atvs, Sport Quads, Utility Atvs, Dirt Bikes and Go karts. We can offer a competitive low prices because we sell directly for the factory and we sell hundreds of machines a month so we get the cheapest Wholesale prices, the most parts Supply and best technical supprt and Training from the factory because we are one of their best distributors and have been for Years.

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Youth Atvs


Q9 PowerSports has been an established Leader in the supply of quality off-road Youth Atv’s Utility Atv’s, Dirt Bikes and go karts for the last 6 years.

Based in Madison, Wisconsin and offering a Nationwide delivery service, our prime goal is to provide high quality products at very competitive prices and since we deal directly with the Manufacturers, we are able to achieve this.

We go to great lengths to source the best products; by attending Trade Fairs and visiting factories examining the production lines, Quality Control measures and spare parts availability. This attention to detail and focusing on our customers' requirements has rapidly increased our customer data base, in both trade and retail sections of the market and far exceeding our forecasted sales.

We offer, Parts supply warehouses in CA, TX, GA, IN and WI and in-house mechanical know how from trained service technicians. We place great importance on giving customer satisfaction, and not just the cheapest option. We have found that our customers respect our principles and feel secure in the knowledge that an investment in our products is good value for their money.

Q9 PowerSports of Madison Wisconsin


We appreciate your business and look forward to doing business with you.

 Join our other satisfied customers and see why Q9 PowerSports LLC is one of the best.


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